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The Traders Guarantee Disclaimer


This document to be read in conjunction with the Traders Guarantee and Policy Wording.


The Guarantee for works supplied by the Tradesman is protected by the Sun Union Traders Guarantee Insurance in the Event of:

The Tradesman failing to fulfil  their obligations as set out in the Traders Guarantee In respect of and strictly  limited to.

  1. The Tradesman becoming Insolvent during the works in respect of deposit paid and / or work in progress.

  2. Following the completion of the works, the Tradesman becoming insolvent during the Traders Guarantee period.

  3. The Tradesman being unable to fulfil their obligation as set out by the relevant Competent Persons Scheme.

Notification of Defects:

In the first instance the Customer must notify the Tradesman of any defects in the work within 10 days of them being discovered. The Tradesman must be given access to the works during normal business hours to remedy any reported defects under the terms of the Tradesman’s Guarantee.

If the Tradesman is not available for any of the reasons shown in 1. 2. or 3 above, the Customer can then initiate a claim on the Sun Union Traders Guarantee Insurance

The Tradesman will repair at no cost to the customer, defects in the work arising from the defective workmanship of the Tradesman, or defective materials supplied by the Tradesman  for the guarantee period shown in the Traders Guarantee and the Policy of Insurance document. 

Cover will commence for:

  1. Deposits taken in respect of the works: - From the date the deposit was paid to the Trader.

  2. Work in Progress: - From the date that the works commence.

  3. Completion of Works: - From the agreed date of the completion of works.


Cover for materials under the Sun Union Traders Guarantee Insurance is restricted to materials supplied by the Trader for the works with the exclusion of any materials or fittings that are covered by a manufacturers guarantee.

Guarantee Exclusions:

This guarantee does not cover defects arising from:-

  1. Alterations or later works

  2. Accidental damage, fire, storm, flooding

  3. Excessive loads

  4. Fair wear and tear

  5. Misuse or neglect by the customer.

  6. Remedial work not undertaken by the originally appointed Tradesman.


The Sun Union Traders Guarantee Insurance is transferable in the event of sale of property, or change of title.

Deposits paid and Work in progress are covered by The Sun Union Traders Guarantee Insurance. (Please see Policy Wording).

Please Note:   Any other part of the Traders Guarantee that is outside of the stated limits of this Disclaimer will not be covered by The Sun Union Traders Guarantee Insurance.

The above is subject to the terms and conditions of the Trader Agreement. The Trader Agreement can be viewed and considered during registering to become a member of the Sun Union TraderQuote Insurance Backed Guarantee scheme.





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